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The indigenous use of psychedelics has for years been the Shroom Spensary. The days of the Psychedelics are upon us now. It was created by recent changes in psychedelic legalization and research.


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 Read our manifesto to find out more about the Shroom-Spensary Shop. It explains what you need to know about safe psychedelic use in the 21st century.

About our Shroom-Spensary

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At Shroom-Spensary Shop, our goal is to alter the way psychedelic drugs are viewed by popular society. A new age of psychedelics, characterized by realistic, calculated usage for particular purposes, is Legal Psychedelics. It is an age not of ‘dropping-out’ and revolt toward society, but of incorporating psychedelics into our popular culture; an age invigorated rather than crippled by misplaced fear of their potentially harmful consequences by the immense upside of responsible psychedelic usage.

We aim to contribute to this new age here at Shroom-Spensary Shop by offering accurate, well-researched information on psychedelics; incubating psychedelic communities online and in person, and working within a popular community through meaningful discussions with thought leaders throughout all major fields and disciplines.

In the 90s it was still possible to get fresh psilocybin mushrooms from the smart shop. Ignorant as a few young dogs we entered a smart shop and bought the trippy shrooms! At the Amsterdam Veerkade in The Hague, we chewed the whole 30 grams of fresh Mexican mushrooms unprepared as quickly as possible. The taste was not to sprinkle and after an hour we did not know what happened to us! All our senses were five fold, bright colors emmerge and suddenly trash cans came to life. Trees swirled in all directions, trash benches followed us and road signs hung upside down. We suddenly understood everything and time seemed to stand still. Walking through the city center was not a success. Our senses could not handle this, too hectic, so we decided to continue our journey home to the unknown. Once arrived home it all became clear. It was such an intense experience that we have continued to experiment since the 90s and not only with entheogenic and psychoactive agents but also with herbs, cannabis and in recent years with CBD. Now with the wisdom to do this in a controlled way and certainly not unprepared as a few young dogs!

Fascinated by the positive and healthy effects of these herbs and the power of entheogenic agents such as psilocybin and peyote, we found it of great importance to set up a platform where it is possible for everyone (18 years and older) to purchase entheogenic, psychoactive substances and headshop products. Our experience makes 24High a unique and reliable partner for sharing knowledge about the use and effects of all available products in the smart shop and head shop.

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